Satin Bow Tie Recycled Necklace

I finished another recycled necklace. If you have ever worked with jewelry you know that you have to have the right tools to take apart or add to jewelry, believe me I tried with regular pliers and it did not work. So I bought a five piece set of small jewelry pliers that have been so nice to work with and made this process of jewelry making so much easier.

Here is my latest necklace. This one I used a satin bow from a ballet dress I found at the goodwill, and all the necklaces were re-purposed and put together from old jewelry I bought in a lot from the thrift store.

The little jewels I used at the top are actually earrings that I poked through and bent the posts to cover where I sewed the satin ribbon on. I love how it turned out and I wore this last night and it was totally comfortable.

6 thoughts on “Satin Bow Tie Recycled Necklace

  1. zoe

    jessica, the necklace you bought looks a little like the above one. you chould try to make one by yourself next time.

  2. zoe

    jessica, the necklace you bought looks a litle like the above oen. you could try to make one to save money next time.

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