Vintage 60’s Summer Shirt

My mom has been cleaning out her house. Its taken a while for her to do this because so much of what she finds reminds her of my dad. He passed away 1 1/2 yrs ago and I’m so proud of her for making these strides in dealing with the loss. She amazes me.

The other day she came across some old clothes of hers and this shirt was among them. She says she thought of me when she found it. I am so glad she didn’t just throw it out. I am so excited to wear this, its so cute. My daughter loves it too, first thing my daughter said to me was “You aren’t going to cut this apart, are you?”. I assured here I wouldn’t.

The front.

The Back, I love how this laces up, it reminds me of a sailor top.

The colored stripes have a shine to them, I love it. Can’t wait to put on a cute pair of jean shorts with this top.

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