DIY Leather Cuff Bracelet

The other day I shared about a lady who made jewelry out of old bicycle tubes and I told you I would be trying it with the recycled leather I got from SCRAP. Well I gave it a try, was hoping to have a cute bracelet for my daughters birthday with a C cut out in the middle. But I found out quickly that you cant really do large cut outs or it flaps open. I also found out it is hard to cut the leather, making the cut out C look very scrappy. So I scraped that one and started another one and the second one turned out pretty good.

I started with a pink piece of leather. I measured my daughters arm and cut it to that length.

I used a razor blade to cut the C out after I traced it onto the leather. Make sure and have a cutting board under the leather.

I also used the hole punch from my sisters handy dandy crop-A-Dile. But then I scraped this one.

And made this one!

I used two small eyelets on each side, along with two strips of leather for the closure.

3 thoughts on “DIY Leather Cuff Bracelet

  1. Sammy

    Hi, I love your cuffs! I’ve been trying to make one with eyelets but, for the life of me can’t figure out how you did that. (eyelets). Your site is wonderful, thank you for all the great ideas.

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