Crocheted and Silk Necklace

I was inspired by some pieces of jewelry I saw on Anthropologie and started pulling out all my lace, silk, and vintage crocheted thrift finds and just started playing around with how they would look with different things on them and I came up with this necklace. I quite like it!

I almost sewed this rose on without the black material behind it, I am so glad I put the black, it adds such depth.

I hope you are inspired by things you see. Most of the time its much easier than it looks, so give it a try!

5 thoughts on “Crocheted and Silk Necklace

  1. Lauren

    Very cute! Where did you come across the awesome crocheted fabric? My grandmother made a fabulous crocheted pillow that looks exactly like that. She died a long time ago so the pillow is know at my sisters house!

  2. Deanna Post author

    Lauren, I found this crocheted collar at a thrift store a while back and didn’t know what to do with it. My grandmother had made a lot of crocheted doilies but never a collar like this.

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