I Found a New Store – SCRAP!

I know your thinking this is a scrap book store, but no, you, my friend would be so wrong. This store is so much better than that. SCRAP which stands for School & Community Reuse Action Project, is a store that sells recycled craft supplies. I met this lady last night who told made these cute little tuxedos from items she got at SCRAP. The items are from people who give, who have left overs or from places like the bicycle helmet company who donated the helmet pads that my new friend used on the tuxes. I am so excited to check this place out.

Click here to see the video of the store. I cant wait to visit.

2 thoughts on “I Found a New Store – SCRAP!

  1. rhoda

    stoppin’ by from PEAR! i’m jealous that you have one of these shops nearby! There’s one in Berkeley as well..but I am so far from there these days.

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