My Thread & Needle Have Overcome the J Crew Challenge!

Evan, You will be so proud of me and dang it, I am proud of myself!

Can I be proud of myself?

Is that a perfectly sane thing to feel about ones self?

Well regardless I am so proud of myself. On Monday I was challenged to make this shirt from J Crew.

I took out the needle and thread and sewed my heart into a new shirt. Ok I didn’t sew my actual heart into it, but I do not like to sew by hand but by golly I did it! And the next amazing fact….I actually like this shirt. I love how the flowers turned out!

What do you think Evan? Be honest!

9 thoughts on “My Thread & Needle Have Overcome the J Crew Challenge!

  1. Evan

    I LOVE IT!!!! I want one. Like…now! Haha! Great job, really. Thanks for accepting the challenge. Shall I think of another one for you? LOL

  2. bekah

    i think you did a great job…what type of material did you use for the flowers? it doesn’t look like jersey. i’ve been following your blog for a little over a month now and love how inventive you are with your thrift store finds. thanks for all the fun inspiration.

  3. Deanna Post author

    Bekah – I used a really soft cotton, I threw away the tag, but it might have a little bit of spandex in it.

  4. Val

    BTW, it looks like a GAP perfect T to me. The are the best, but Old Navy does a good knock off if you are looking and they have them more often.

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