Silk Slip into J.Crew Tank

I love looking at the clothes in the J.Crew catalog and while I was looking I came across this silk tank top and I remembered this vintage silk slip that I had found a while back, dug it out and decided I would turn it into this.

Who knew silk was so hard to sew.

The silk tank from J Crew.

This is the vintage silk slip before.

I cut the slip in half and cut the bottom half into 2 inches strips.

For the straps I sewed strips of the silk, folding them over as I went to mimic those of the J Crew tank.

I started sewing the strips on at the lowest point first while ruffling different points.

The silk tank I created.

And the bonus is that I have some silk left over to use as roses for a head band or I could add a rose to this tank.

6 thoughts on “Silk Slip into J.Crew Tank

  1. Cindi Brooks

    So cute – have some slips I would love to try that with except my sewing machine and I aren’t on speaking terms right now…lol. Congrats on a great refashion! xoxo

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