DIY Recycled Jar Playing Cards Candle Holder

We have a wild game of Nertz with the same 6 friends each month and this month I wanted to make something fun for them to take home with them. This isn’t the first candle holder I have made with recycled jars, you can see the others here and here, but this is the first that I have used playing cards on. It took me a few tries to come up with this but eventually I got it worked out. These were a lot of fun to make. Try one for yourself. They make great gifts.

I had a bunch of jars from jam and spaghetti sauce, perfect for recycling into candle holders.

You have to pull the top layer of the card off, so you are mod podging the thin top layer.

Grab all your crafty tools, ribbons and cards and start creating, or borrow like I did.

I used this punch to make hearts from the cards and then used a tiny hold punch for threading.

The little hearts hang from the black ribbon with knots in between. I also cut up some fabric and tied together with the ribbons.

I filled the jars with rock salt and a candle.

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