My Daughter Sews

I came home yesterday to find my daughter sitting at my sewing machine sewing some pillows for her friends. If you want to see me break down and cry, well thats all you have to do, sit down and tell me how much you like to sew. Ok maybe not just any ol’ person can bring me to tears but to see how much my daughter loves sewing, well thats enough to put this mom over the edge. In fact the first words out of her mouth with a cute smile on her face were; “Mom, I don’t care if its a little Barbie sewing machine, but I want a sewing machine”.  Ok well I am not sure she will be getting a sewing machine anytime soon but she can definitely use mine.

Isn't she cute sitting at my very old sewing machine?

And of course her puppy sits and watches as she sews, I have to admit she is cute too!

This is the bag Emily made for me, with no help from me at all!

5 thoughts on “My Daughter Sews

  1. becca banana

    How cool is that!!?!
    That bag turned out gorgeous and what a joy to see her interested in sewing as a hobby.
    My mom, a very anti-craft type, said she will know she didn’t “make it to heaven” if she is surrounded by flames and sewing machines. 🙂 I somehow ended up being totally into crafts & such raised in her home.

  2. Janet Glancy

    I am so impressed with the bag and the desire that Emily has to sew and “craft”! She looks adoreble at the sewing machine, and of course her best furry friend looks adoreble too. Good for her!

  3. Evan

    How sweet! I’m super jealous because I haven’t learned to sew yet…but 2010 is not over, my friend. Not even close.

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