Mod Podge Candle Holder Tutorial

The other day I made a candle holder for my mom’s birthday and told you I would give you the tutorial later, well today is the day. This was super easy, a little messy and a lot of fun. Keep in mind that I always try to recycle and use what I have. The jars are from old candles, the images are from magazines and ribbon and embellishments are things I had laying around the house. Be creative and make these your own.

1. I used old candle jars. Rinsed in hot water until the remnants of the old candle fell out.

2. Cut out images from magazines and Mod Podge them onto the glass.

3. Decorate with glitter paint. Stick a candle in it and your finished.

Another great idea is to add candy(such as conversation hearts if its for Valentines day) to the jar and put a candle in the middle of that.

3 thoughts on “Mod Podge Candle Holder Tutorial

  1. Deanna Post author

    Photos do not work. The mod podge will make the photo pink and will not stick to the glass. I tried and now I have a pink photo of my dad. 🙂

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