DIY Christmas Gifts Day 7 – Stationary Set

I love maps, seriously, if there is something you must know about me, its this; I love maps, I love reading maps, I love studying maps! And I must say, I am pretty good at it. Probably the easiest A I got in high school was in geography. But why am I bragging about this?

Anyhow…I was at my sisters a few weeks ago looking for some streamers and found this old atlas that had been tossed in the garbage, so I grabbed it and asked if she wanted it. She said ‘You want to make something with it huh?’ My family knows me well.

There is so much you can do with maps, add them to scrapbooks, picture frames, I just have so many ideas but today I want to show you how to make stationary, well really they are just envelopes but you can always add some card stock squares in multiple colors for the cards. And the final piece you will need when giving these as gifts would be to add some round stickers, for sealing the back. Or you can add a glue stick to the package with instructions. The nice thing about using maps is that you can cut several at the same time because they are fairly thin.


Supplies: Glue, Scissors, Labels, Atlas(old maps), Envelopes


1. Open up the envelope and trace around it onto the map and then cut it out.


2. Fold the map into the shape of the envelope.


3. Take a q-tip with glue on it and swab it on the two sides that need to be glued down.


4. Put the label on the front.



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