What is Christmas to YOU?

I have left my sewing machine alone for a bit too long. OK so its only been a little over a week since I used it but that was just a quick sweater fix. I miss sewing but haven’t been able to concentrate enough to actually get myself in the mood to sew. Usually I love Christmas but this year has proved to be a bit tougher than what I ever imagined and trying to get in the Christmas spirit shouldn’t be this tough. I knew coming into the holidays that this year was going to be tough and losing my father last year on the night of Dec 23 seems to always be at the forefront of all my thoughts. I miss him and Christmas is about family, of which I am missing one of the most important people in my life.

What is Christmas to you?

Me? It is…..






Decorating the Christmas tree with the family.


Dinner at Mothers Bistro.



Photo 1 – courtesy of Theresa Thompson Photo 2 – courtesy of spaceninja Photo 3 – Courtesy of Paul-W Photo 4 – courtesy of watch_me_explode Photo 5 – courtesy of bwongzilla

2 thoughts on “What is Christmas to YOU?

  1. Evan

    So sorry to hear about your father. I’m also having trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year, for reasons unknown. Maybe decorating the Christmas tree this weekend will get me going. I hope so!

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