DIY Christmas Gifts Day 3 – Easy Fleece Scarf with Fringe

I saw a lady wearing this colorful scarf this last Sunday and inquired about it. She explained how her sister had made it for her, and as I often do, I grabbed it and had myself a look, thinking about the possibilities of making one myself. So when my daughter came home and told me she needed some material for her Home Ec class I got excited. Of course I was thinking of ways to use what I already had but I was fresh out of fleece. So off to Jo-Ann Fabric we went. I only bought a half yard of two different fleece designs and yarn for the fringe. I was excited to get started. This is such an easy project, I think with supervision, kids could even make these.


Supplies Needed - 1/2 Yard Fleece(3 Scarves), Thick Yarn, Scissors


1. Cut the fleece into 3 equal pieces. Mine are not perfect.


2. Fold over the fleece and cut seven 1/8" slits in the fleece evenly across. Be very careful not to cut too big of slits, I did this with my first one.


3. Pull the yarn through the holes, you may need to use a knitting tool to help.


4. After you pull your yarn through, tie the yarn in a knot up near the fleece.




My lovely daughter modeling the scarf.

And please as always if you come up with a better way to do this, let me know, I love to hear new ideas and easier ways to do things.

8 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Gifts Day 3 – Easy Fleece Scarf with Fringe

  1. Evan

    Very nice! I like! I will be attempting to make another type of super simple sew-free scarf this week and, if all works out, will be posting about it soon.

  2. elaine kohler

    I make fleece scarves for children at Xmas for what is called The Angel Tree project. people donate fleece and I often find it in thrift stores. This one will be a good addition as so far I have just made simple fringed ones. I use pretty stitches to mark where the fringe ends. Make all different sizes, even for the real little guys and gals. thanks for the idea…

  3. Margarita

    This is a great way to use up some of those yarn scraps that we knitters and crocheters seem to always have! This would even look great with muli-colored fringe, tailored to the tastes of the recipient and matched (or purposely clashing) with the colors of the fleece.

  4. tammy

    are these pieces just folded in half? i am going to try to liquid stitch a seam on the “good side”, then turn it right side out when it dries. that way it will have a nice seam…

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