Born-Again Vintage


I found another book that I really want, anther one for the Christmas wish list ~ Born-Again Vintage by Bridgett Artise + Jen Karetnik: 25 ways to deconstruct, reinvent + recycle your wardrobe.

My clothing line, B. Artise Originals, is a product of my love for vintage duds but also my frustration with them. Period-dated, era-related clothing is great, but how many people can really pull it off? Whether the pieces arent in good shape of their fit is less than ideal, vintage clothing can be challenging. Some designers try to fix that with reconstruction: reworking the older piece, fixing the places that are worn. There are also designers who incorporate new fabric, coordinating with the flow of the older piece.

Not me. At the simplest level, Born-Again Vintage is about turning antique and disused clothing into stylish togs by deconstructing it, choosing its best elements, and piecing those together with those of other garments. I’ll completely rip out the seams of one basic vintage item and put it back together with a second, perhaps more contemporary piece to create an entirely different look.

My niche is bringing together the matchless quality of vintage with a dash of trendiness and edge to create a fashion-forward conversation piece. B. Artise

Check it out for yourself. You can purchase the book at most online book stores. Click here to purchase.

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