Tears & Laughter


I can’t explain why some days are filled with tears and laughter all in one long, seemingly endless day.  I can’t explain why sometimes you feel so up you could fly and then other times you feel so down you feel like the nearest window is your best way out. Maybe we need to start with the fact that if you can relate to these feelings than you are definitely of the female persuasion. I’m just saying. And I’m certainly not saying guys cant feel these emotions, but if they do, it is very rare, even for the most sensitive of man.

So what do you do when you need to be lifted up out of the dumps?

Me? I sew my heart out, talk with my beautiful girls, bake an amazing dessert and eat it all myself (well I might share a little with that I guy I live with), but one of my most favorite things to do is hang with my friends who always seem to put a smile on my face. Without fail they can make me laugh and lift my spirits! You know those Thelma and Louise kind of friends? That can make you laugh those kind of laughs that come from so deep inside that you can’t manufacture them on your own, you have to have another person to get you there. Someone who’s heart is so close to yours and knows what will make you giggle and laugh like a kid. I never want to lose that. Thank you friends for all you do, keep up the good work, cause I want to keep laughing! You’re the best, I love you!

I am working on two dresses, photos coming soon!

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