Joy the Baker’s Rooftop Picnic

Back in June Joy the Baker threw out the idea of getting together for a picnic. Of course I was on board the minute I heard and well I live in Keizer, Oregon, a tiny little place compared to LA and a fair distance away. Does it help that I grew up in Portland? Well anyway, on July 24th she announced that she would be having the picnic on August 23rd on a rooftop in downtown LA and that it was on a first come, first serve basis.  I knew I had to get my email in as soon as I could and then it was time to wait to see if I was invited.

On July 28th I received my invitation! Yes I am on the guest list! OK, so you are asking why I want to go to this picnic so bad, well the main reason is because I love food, you could call me a foodie, and Joy the Baker’s site is chalk-full of wonderful food recipes, beautiful pictures and if that isn’t enough, she is witty, you could even say a ‘Joy’ to read :). I know this blog isn’t about food, but aside from recycling items into something lovely, I happen to eat(a lot) and a dream of mine has always been to go to culinary school. I have so much to do to get ready for this, gotta find something fabulous to wear, buy airline tickets(or should I drive?), pack and well… make sure my friend is still planning on going with me.


View from the Rooftop - Courtesy of Joy the Baker

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