Easy DIY Recycled Fabric Necklace

I was looking around the internet and found these necklaces made from recycled tees. And then when I saw that Urban Outfitters even had some for sale, I knew I had to make one. Well I have successfully made two now. I love how they look. To me they are more like a scarf than anything, because I like to double them up. But they really add a great touch to any outfit.

I found an easy to follow tutorial at cucumbersome.com. In this tutorial she will tell you of the mistakes she made and what not to do. Click here for the tutorial.


Here are the two I made, the first one had seams and the second one didnt. But I like how they both turned out.

4 thoughts on “Easy DIY Recycled Fabric Necklace

  1. Carrie

    Hi! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scarf look. I have been eye’ing them on here (http://necklush.com) for some time now. The link you posted for the tutorial is not working. Can you please tell me how you did it? Thank you so much for your help!

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