8 Things I Really Want

So we all want something, right? I mean even the most selfless person wants something, even if they don’t strive to get it, they still want it. Fair to say? Well I have some things I want, some I will get and some I wont and who knows, some that I may be surprised that I get. I have been surprised in the past.


1. Batucada – I have been looking at this necklace for a couple months now and with my birthday being today, I’m thinking its time to buy it. I will have to purchase it myself but that is ok. The best part about this necklace is, all the jewelry is made with eco-plastic.

2. Amour Sans Anguish – I posted a few photos from their line of clothes last week. They sell garments on Esty that are constructed entirely from recycled and reclaimed materials. I would be happy to end up with any of their beautiful dresses.

3. iPhone – Ok this is so not recycled in any way but I have always wanted one. I watch people use their iPhones to look up things while they are talking or while they are in the store to compare a price. It just looks like so much fun. So this would be one of those things that I will most likely not ever get, its not the phone that would be hard to come by, its the monthly payment that just doesn’t fit into my budget right now.

4. Craft Books –  99 Ways to Cut Sew Trim & Tie Your T-Shirt, Your Denim and Your Scarf. These books I think I will acquire in time. They are full of very creative ways to Cut, Sew, trim and tie your t-shirt, denim and scarves.

5. Scalloped Cheeky Panty from Victorias Secret – Again these are not recycled, but they are oh so cute and some days, as a woman, you just need a little pick me up and knowing you are wearing cute undies under your outfit can make the day so much better.

6. Handmade Vintage Zipper Circle Necklace –  On Etsy from Green Eyed Girls shop I found this vintage zipper necklace. I have seen them in the past but this one is a bit smaller and more wearable than the ones I have seen. I just love it, but again with the steep price tag, I don’t think this will become a reality for me.

7. Lulu Shoes by John Fluvog – I have been a longtime fan of John Fluvog shoes. I have one pair that are still in amazing shape considering I have had them for over 10 years. At $155, I am thinking that these will be on my want list for awhile. I saw these at pedX, a shoe store on Alberta St in Portland, Oregon. If you ever have a chance to visit Portland, skip on over to Alberta Street and check out the interesting stores and amazing food.

8. Le Creuset Rectangular Baker – Aside from sewing and crafting, I love to cook. In time I would love to have a whole set of Le Creuset cookware but it will be a slow one-by-one process.

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