DIY: Vintage Handkerchief Aprons

For over a year now I have been collecting vintage Handkerchiefs and now my box is overflowing. They are calling out to me to make them into something new, give them a purpose and reason for living. Beauty can only go so far and these beauties need to be re-purposed into something glamorous and useful.

I liked the idea of making a baby bonnet or little sachets out of the hankies but I wanted something more interesting and fun. Well I found it, over at Confessions of an Apron Queen, she turned those lovely vintage handkerchiefs into beautiful aprons. Finally a way to incorporate these hankies into something useful, you can only have so many in your purse for blowing boogies and wiping tears.

Here are some photos of the ones Confessions of an Apron Queen made:

As soon as I finish mine I will post some photos of them. This seems so easy, that it shouldn’t take me long to get them done. If you try this, please send me your photos and I will post them on here too.

One thought on “DIY: Vintage Handkerchief Aprons

  1. Tammy Bowers

    These are really pretty. I have several vintage hankies from my Granny and Grandmother, but I’d be afraid to cut them in case my apron did not turn out. If I had a pretty one like the purple one above, I’d actually start wearing aprons again. I can’t wait to see what you do with yours.

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