Easy DIY Fabric Covered Washer Jewelry Tutorial

I found this Washer Necklace Tutorial on The Small Object. It was intriguing and so I decided to check out my fathers garage for some washers and try this project. The way they showed how to make this necklace was without doing anything to the metal and since I am allergic to all metals except gold, I added a touch of fabric to cover the washers so that the metal wouldn’t touch my skin.

I made a bracelet, you can make a necklace, you could even make a broach. I tried very hard to make this with all recycled materials but failed when it came to the ribbon, I couldn’t find any that fit the holes, so I bought this black ribbon for this project. The material is a square from an old quilt and the washers were from my fathers garage, recycled from houses he remodeled.

Supplies Needed: Washers, Strips of torn fabric and ribbon.

Start wrapping each washer with the torn fabric until the washer is completely covered and no metal is showing.

When you get to the end, hot glue the end and trim off the excess fabric.

Now to finish the bracelet you will need to click here and follow these instructions from The Small Object.

The finished project!

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