Burp Cloth Tutorial

Over at homemade by jill, I found this Burp Cloth Tutorial that looked easy enough and really cute. My neighbor just had a baby so I tried these out for her.

So if their are awards for the funniest looking burp cloths, I think I would win! Jill’s burp clothes look so cute, not sure what I did wrong but I am not opposed to trying it one more time.

Here is a photo of what hers looked like –

And here are mine –

I think where I went wrong was with the backing I used. I thought a white towel would work but for some reason it shrunk more than the flannel, leaving it bulky and just not laying right. So what did I learn from this you may ask?? Well I learned that sometimes deviating from the pattern can leave you with an undesired result. And I guess I would have never learned that towels shrink more than flannel.There is always something to be learned.

And you also may be wondering how this is recycled – well the flannel I used was from the goodwill and the brand new towel was from my sister, who was planning on throwing it away. Another item saved from the landfill!

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  1. anita

    i have learned the hard way to pre-shrink all fabrics i use when sewing. so everything i’m using goes into the washer and dryer before sewing. hope this tip helps

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